The Politics of Moisture, Siger Gallery,London
Fake Views, Solo show, The Tommy Flowers, London
Hong Kong Art Fair, Siger Gallery, London
This year's model 2019, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London


Osman's Xmas Bazaar, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Fake Views, Solo show, Some Great Reward Gallery Leeds
This year's model 2018, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Hong Kong Art Fair, Siger Gallery, Hong Kong

This year's model 2017, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Clash, Siger Gallery, London

Correspond, IR11, Edinburgh
Correspond, The Artworks, Halifax
Art converters, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Correspond, Rye Creative centre, Sussex
This year's model 2016, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London

Art converters, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Autocatalytic Future Games, No Format Gallery, London
This year's model 2015, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London

Red X and Art converters, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Correspond, Turps Banana, Turps Banana studios, London
This year's model 2014, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Siger Gallery, Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong, Florence art fair, Italy
Violent tendencies, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

Braziers open, Studio 1.1 Gallery, Oxford
Siger Gallery, Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong
This year's model 2013, Studio 1.1 Gallery, London
Cluster 2.5, Mas Civiles, Briffa, London Art Fair

Cluster 2, Mas Civiles, SW1 Gallery, London

Primary, Dekko, London
Fitzrovia Intervention Art Trail, London

Pendulum, St Hilda's pithead, South Shields
Pistols and Pollinators, The Gallery, Stoke Newington, London
PAGE, Brompton Road, Kensington, London
Geography of the Body; Geography of the Mind, Briffa, London Art Fair, London

Cluster, Mas Civiles, London The waiting room, Hortensia Gallery, KCC
Current Affairs, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
Something to declare, Total Kunst Gallery, Edinburgh
TOP100, Jealous Gallery, London and The Great Escape Festival, Brighton
Exquisite Decay part two, Chateau D'Alba, France
Responses to Conflict and Loss, The University of Hertfordshire
Drawing with Dolphins, Crimestown Gallery

Marmite Prize, Studio 1.1, London
Exquisite Decay, Whitecross Gallery, London
Westminster Open, SW1 Gallery, London
Start your collection, Contemporary Art Projects Gallery, London
Fitzrovia Noir, Studio P & D, London
Carried Away, Euston Crypt, London
Responses to Conflict and Loss, Peterborough Museum

Oversubscribed, Lorem Ipsum gallery, Vyner St, London
Covert Garden, Covent Garden, London
NUDE Covent Garden, London
Marmite Prize, Residence Gallery, London
Art Mart, Ale and Porter, Bradford upon Avon

Show 1 - Nomoregrey Gallery, London
Zarjaz - Seven Dials, London
Windows of Multiple Display, Newcastle
Qee Expo - London, Paris, Hong Kong, New York, Japan
Thermo 04 - The Lowry Centre, Manchester
Multiplus - Reloaded, Saltburn Gallery


Responses to Conflict and Loss
Fuselit Magazine
Islington/Camden Journal
Marmalade Magazine
London Informer
Macuser Magazine
Graphic Magazine
Qeedrophonic, TOY2R
Northern Arts review,Northern Arts
Vinyl will Kill, Systems Design Limited
24 hours, Dazed and Confused